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 Step 1. Getting Started- If you have a sample of your product we can give you an estimated production price but all samples must be sent tagged with a style number to identify the sample.. The final production price will be established after we make and approve the sample. To make a production sample we require a professional pattern and spec sheet. If you do not have contact with a pattern maker already we recommend: Ann Russo; phone: 617-773-9268 or email:


 Step 2. Production- To make a production sample we need the pattern, spec sheet, fabric, trim, notions and a cutting ticket. Sample must be made out of the production fabric before starting production. Please go to FORMS on the left of this page and choose PURCHASE ORDER. Please note the purchase order ticket needs the style number and a purchase order number. This purchase order number is your order number and can not be duplicated. Please send one style per purchase order. Email cutting tickets to, Email spec sheets to, Send pattern and fabric to our address attention Nelson. Send trim, notions and labels to our address attention Mary Lou. After we receive all of the above it will take approximately 2-4 weeks to complete the sample. At that time it will be sent to you for your approval. We charge $35.00 an hour for cutting and stitching samples.


 Step 3. Final Pricing- After you have approved the production sample please return it to Neal at Precision Sportswear and we will finalize the production price. The production price is based on the final production sample and on a production quantity of 500 pieces or more. Production of lesser quantities will affect the price.


 Step 4. Marking and Grading- After you have approved the production sample your pattern will be ready for digitizing by a Marker and Grading Company. In this process your hard pattern is converted to a computerized production pattern and graded to size. If you do not have contact with such a company already we recommend: Apparel Pattern Services, Contact Bill Santos phone:508-997-6703 email: and Ann Russo phone: 617-773-9268 or email:


 Step 5. Final Production Sample- We recommend making a final production sample to confirm the digitizing process and to reduce the potential risk of production problems. Follow step 2 for the sample requirements but replace the pattern with a marker from the Marker and Grading company. You should also request a graded nest from The Marker and Grading Co to check the grading.


 Step 6. Production- After the final production sample has been approved and the final price has been finalized you are ready for production. Send the final production sample, the production marker and the fabric to our address attention Nelson. Email spec sheet to Email cutting/production ticket to and also to your pattern maker. Send the trim, labels and notions to our address attention Mary Lou. Expect appoximately 8-12 weeks from the time everything has been received to the time the product is complete.

Things you should know: We should approve your labels before you place your order. If you need to send out fabric for bias or other trim please go to FORMS at the left of this page and choose TRIM SEND OUT. Send this form with the fabric to our address attention Nelson. If you need a bias company we recommend: Metro Trimming Corporation, contact Gary Yousha, phone: 212- 564-7966. We recommend making a sample in each size before production. All styles should be accompanied by a spec sheet that includes the tolerances for the measurements that are important to your style. Please send one purchase order for each style that you are making.